The InHouse Data Dash- your ultimate Realtor prospecting tool

We're in a data driven age and, we all know that more knowledge is power, but at some point too much knowledge just becomes noise in our ears. You have to have some way to filter all of the info you are getting so you can make decisions that are both timely and effective. That's why we created our new Data Driven Dashboard.

Our data driven dashboard gives you the ability to take a pulse on the market, at any time, and create a niche you can easily target to take advantage of undiscovered opportunities in your area.

No longer will you be inundated with tons of data that you have to sift through in order to find what you want. With our data dash, you can search any area and filter based on the tags of: zipcode, city, state, price, brokerage, agent name and event type. Check out the image below to see how easy it could be to for you to search exactly what you want.

InHouse Data Dashboard

With this search you can make a target market for yourself that only you will be taking advantage of. You can save your searches and set them as default so each time you log in, you will be seeing the most up-to-date events in your area that you can easily take advantage of.

Your Custom Search

Not only will this new data dash free up your time and clear your head of too much info, but now that you are able to target only the types of deals you are interested in, this will help you close more ideal deals. If you'd like to see this product in action, signup for a demo HERE or you can get a 14-day FREE Trial through this link.

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