InHouse for Realtors | Best Practices

InHouse for Realtors is the fastest and easiest way to create beautiful marketing for all your listings and set yourself apart. We have teamed up with our most active Realtor users to help you get the most out of InHouse!

Sharing Your Marketing Materials

  1. InHouse makes it super easy to share any of your marketing materials to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, or by email.

  2. Increase the reach of your materials by posting the Property Website and or Flyer into your local real estate Facebook groups.

  3. Share the link to the Property Website with your seller and encourage them to share it on their social medias and with friends, family, and neighbors.

Stepping Up Your Open House Package

  1. Print out your Flyers and or Property Presentation to have available at the Open House.

  2. Have the Property Website up on your iPad or laptop and have it available as a digital sign in form.

  3. Follow up with visitors by sending them the link to the Property Website as a way to remember the home and easily contact you.

Show Homes Like An Expert

  1. InHouse allows you to create a complete marketing package for any listing in MLS not just your own.

  2. Easily pull the full marketing package for any listing you will be showing and send them to your potential buyers.

  3. Not only can you set yourself apart when showing homes but you can also be seen as an expert while hosting Open Houses for any listing that isn’t yours.

Win More Listing Presentations

  1. InHouse is a great addition to your listing presentation giving you the opportunity to wow sellers by showing them the marketing that will be available for their home.

  2. Use a few images and details of the home to create a website, flyers, presentation, and postcard before you meet the sellers.

  3. Once you win the listing presentation be sure to send the marketing materials to the sellers and have them share them with friends, family, and neighbors.

Manually Add Listings

  1. Even before your listing is in MLS you can create a website, flyer, presentation and postcard in a matter of minutes.

  2. Draw attention to a new listing not yet on the market by marketing it as “Coming Soon”.

  3. Share the listing on social media, pass out flyers to the neighborhood and host Open Houses without settling on the marketing you offer.

Whether you try out all of these or just a few, we’d love to hear what has worked best for you! Check out more here and leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter about anything and everything real estate.