InHouse for Lenders | Best Practices

InHouse is the fastest and easiest way to build strong Realtor relationships and better connect with the modern homebuyer and seller. We do this by helping you better prospect Realtors who are worth your time and attention, provide value adds and opportunities to connect, and effortless engagement without you having to lift a finger.

Prospecting Realtors

  1. Search and invite Realtors who you currently do business with by entering their Name, Email or Company Name.

  2. Expand your search by city or zip code and prospect for Realtors who you would like to anonymously keep track. Receive notifications each time that Realtor has new listing activity hit MLS.

  3. With each Realtor prospect, you are able to see their contact information, number of active listings, average price point of home, and number of solds in the past 12 months. This helps you focus your time and attention on Realtors who are closing deals.

Connecting with Realtors

  1. With each Realtor you can send a custom invite directly from InHouse or copy the link to the invite landing page and send it in your own personal email. When sending invites directly from InHouse the example marketing materials will automatically show up as attachments.

  2. Use InHouse as a value add to set up in person meetings or start a conversation at your next office meeting or networking event.

  3. For best results, pair your InHouse invite with a personal email, text message or phone call letting the Realtor know what they should be expecting and how all they have to do is accept the invite.

Engaging your Relationships

  1. Each time one of your connected Realtors has new listing activity hit MLS you will both receive an email with all the marketing materials ready to download, share on social media, or send out by email.

  2. When you receive these new listing notifications reach out and congratulate them, see how you can be of assistance, and help spread the word by sharing the materials on social media.

  3. Make InHouse a foundational element to your new Realtor onboarding so that they won’t ever have to worry about creating new marketing materials. Walk them through the InHouse Realtor Presentation and make sure they have all their questions answered.

Whether you try out all of these or just a few, we’d love to hear what has worked best for you! Check out more here and leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter about anything and everything real estate.