Power of Facebook advertising

If only super powers were real. While we can't fly, shoot lasers out of our eyes or move objects with our brains, we can take agency in small ways throughout our day.

How we choose to use our time, energy and money can translate into personal power in our daily lives. If we give power to the wrong ideas or projects, it can drain us. If we put all of our power into something positive, it can energize us.

Does this apply to marketing efforts?

In our opinion, yes! Where you put your time and money can increase leads and engagement for your business. With so many different platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how much money to spend.

Facebook has become one of the leading ways to advertise your business. Think about it, you probably already spend a significant amount of time on Facebook keeping up with your friends and family, or simply reading the latest news. Chances are as you are scrolling through your feed, you've seen an advertisement for something you are interested in. Suddenly you find yourself clicking on a link and shopping for a new watch or even a new home!

How to use FB ads

Facebook's advertising platform is simple to use and cost effective. The visual component alone makes spending money on an ad or boosted post worth the investment. The first key to getting the most out of advertising is understanding the difference between Native and Display advertising.

Native ads are adverts that pop up in one's editorial feed. Scrolling through your feed and seeing a post for 50% off your favorite clothing line would be a perfect example of this.

Display ads appear in the right-hand corner of your feed. While still useful, display ads don't perform as well as native ads. Native ads create a 9% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% higher lift for purchases.

When creating an advertisement for a home listing, you would create a regular post and boost the post to allow it to become a native ad. You can also click on the "automatic placement" section when creating an ad in ad manager and it will place your ads in both the sidebar and in viewers feeds for optimal viewing.

Tips for creating a FB ad.

When creating an ad there are many tips for optimizing your engagement.

  • Use striking and high-quality images for your ads. The difference between this image...

and this image....

can make all the difference on someone clicking on your post.

  • Target your audience - you get to be specific when creating an ad! You can choose your audience by location, age and interest. Start by choosing your objective. Is it to drive traffic to your page? To get conversion? Or simply to get people to watch a video. Each objective lets you tailor the ad towards your desired outcome. The broader your audience is, the more people you will reach. Keep this in mind when selecting your audience.

  • Accompany ads with landing pages - think of your ad as a mini story book. The ending of the story is the big reveal! An ad that takes you to a landing page will be the final touch in luring business your way. Include a hyperlink in the copy above the picture and also in the picture if you choose. Make it super easy for people to find your website with one click.

How much to spend on a FB ad.

There are many factors to how much you would want to spend on an ad. Whether or not you are trying to increase likes on your page or drive traffic to your website play into the cost. The basic rule of thumb is that the more money you spend, the higher results you will see. For a more in-depth breakdown of the ROI on facebook ads, marketing guru, Jon Loomer has a great article on pricing.

Are you ready for the good news?

InHouse has made it incredibly easy to share your property websites on social media and boost it as a post! Ask us more about how we can help you advertise your property websites. Visit inhousepropertystories.com to get started.

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