The 3 Reasons You Need Property Websites in 2017

In a world of evolving tech, weekly updates to Facebook, and the constant desire for growth it is hard not to get caught up in the rat race. Property websites aren’t new to the real estate marketing scene but by no means should they be overlooked. On the contrary, if used properly, property websites can be great tools to help grow your business.

They make it easy to tell the story of a property:

Owning a home for most people is more than just an investment, it is a place where memories are made and families are raised. What happens in the home becomes stories that are passed down to generations. Homeowners have stories about excavating the kitchen and the now 10-year-old trees in the backyard that their kids climbed on. What we sometimes forget about is the emotional draw to telling the story of the property as well.

When telling people about a home you take them on a journey; the architecture, the patio you sit on to watch the sunset, proximity to a neighborhood market and more. The more pictures there are to help create a story, the better. With the right property website, you are able to display this journey and allow people to connect with a home before they have ever stepped foot in it.

They are a secret weapon at listing presentations:

As important as it is to tell the story of property, you first need to be able to bring on the listings. The RIGHT property website should be your “secret” weapon to help you represent someone’s home. Not only does it show that you know how to market your listings and reach the online homebuyer, it also builds trust that you will be the right person to help them through the home selling experience. Most property website companies will allow you to create a website manually which means that you could create the website for the home before the listing presentation and show them real time what it would look like.

Your property website should be as visually appealing on all your electronic devices as it would be on your computer. Not only will you be pushing the website online but it can easily be shared by email, social media, and text message. This is another opportunity to create engagement with the home seller and have them help market the home and YOU to their friends, family, and neighbors.

They take your Open House game to the next level:

In addition to marketing your current listings, property websites are a great tool for generating more business. When holding an open house you can encourage visitors to sign-in through your property website on your iPad or laptop. You will then have these visitors as potential leads and can offer to text or email the property website to them as follow-up information on the home or on how to contact you if they would like assistance in searching for other homes.

Similar to preparing for a listing presentation, some property website companies will even allow you to create websites for listings that aren’t yours. This means that if you are holding an open house for another agent or even just showing a set list of homes to buyers you can show your expertise and provide your clients with in-depth information on the homes.

When used correctly property websites can be what sets you apart from your competition. The best part is that if you generate a single extra deal you will have covered the cost of this marketing tool for several years. With InHouse there are no technical skills required, with just one text you can have your property websites ready to go!

Want to get started with InHouse Property Websites? Text your listing address or MLS number to (520) 210-8073. You can also visit InHouse Property Stories for more information.

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