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Phew! We made it through 2016 with some scratches and bruises but mostly we are ready to take on 2017 with a new gusto. This year gave us a lot to reflect on. The presidential election alone was historical and beyond that, we saw a lot of changes worldwide. We laughed, cried, bonded and came out of the fire as stronger people. Now we are ready to set intentions for the new year.

If you are one of the many, who get excited about resolutions for yourself or business but have a hard time with follow through, we feel ya! Breaking old habits and sticking to new ones can be challenging. At InHouse we’ve come up with some ideas to create long-lasting success that will propel you into 2017 and stick with you in the years to come. The caveat….you have to be willing to do them.

Most success stories happen because someone was dedicated to an idea or project. They worked tirelessly around the clock to make it happen and it paid off. While you don’t have to give up your current life flow to make your year successful, a few minor adjustments can help.


Ambition is great and even necessary to put you at the top of your game. However, if you tend to be the kind of person who wants to tackle it all, you may be hurting your odds. Minimize the list of to-dos for the new year. Pick 5-10 things you can really commit to and create an action plan for each one. Set monthly and quarterly smaller goals for each of your resolutions. If it’s something longer term, like losing weight, this will be really useful and will help you not to give up if you don’t see immediate progress. This applies to business goals as well. Expect less up front and plot out a long-term game for the bigger tasks. Ask yourself, what is something you can do each week to get you closer to the outcome you desire? For example, if your goal is to get 10 new clients this year, reach out to 5 people a week as a smaller subset of the overall goal.

Whether you use a planner, sticky notes or google calendar alerts, set reminders throughout the month to check in on your progress. Do this at the start of each month and set a reminder to check in for the next month as well.

Our pro tip is to make only 1-2 of your goals, “moon shots”. We think of moon shots as things that are bit harder to achieve but still doable. Becoming a movie star is a moon shot, but anyone can try for it!


Part of the reason Google is so successful is that they promote cross-collaboration within the headquarters and outside of it. The employees are encouraged to meet and learn from other departments. The same can be applied anywhere. Realtors can meet with videographers to amp their listings. Lenders can meet with agents to gain more insight about what their clients are looking for. If you are already doing this within the business realm, examine what external sources you can use to gather inspiration. Doing something creative in your personal life will allow your business life to flourish as well. If you don’t feel like you are creative, think again. Something as simple as walking through the park and appreciating the natural beauty can be considered creative. It’s all about perspective and what inspires you. Take that with you into your work week and find ways to integrate it. You’ll likely be surprised what comes out of it!


Hitting the gym is the most effective way to build muscle. Arnold didn’t become Mr. Olympia overnight. He trained and trained and trained some more. If you want mental, emotional or heck, even physical prowess you have to train. Yes, that means this will be the hardest part of your resolutions and committing to them. It also means a much greater payoff to your resolutions. Approach training like a game. How can you make it fun for yourself? Who can you have as an accountability partner? What rewards can you set up for when you hit a new goal? Don’t stress when you don’t immediately reach a goal. Some goals may have been overestimated and that’s ok……


Which leads us to the next point. Adjust. This doesn’t mean give up and it’s not a reason to slack off on what you are trying to achieve. It does mean you have some agency in allowing yourself to change course when necessary. If halfway through your year you realize….”well, this was too ambitious” then perhaps the solution is to reset the goal in a more accessible way. Find out what the core of your goal was and see if you can break it up into more achievable subsets. Another thing to consider is if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing then maybe that goal isn’t totally serving your overall plan. See how you relate to it and what it makes you feel. True, you aren’t always going to love every minute of what you are doing no matter what it is. You can generally sense, though, if something is overall making you feel better about yourself or not. Examine that element and stay true to your gut.

Mentalfy (yes, we made that word up)

Pre-game and not in the getting shwasted way. We mean in the mentally prepare your game-plan and decide what your inner dialogue is going to be. Your mental game is the most important part of hitting your goals. If you go into a meeting with a half-caring attitude, guess what kind of results you are going to get? Now we aren’t saying that you can psych yourself into winning everything in life but you can set a state of mind that will lend better outcomes. Write out positive qualities about yourself and how they apply to each goal you’ve set. Start coming from a state of being vs. having. In order to have something you want, what state of mind you need to be in? What do you need to do to get there and then the natural conclusion is that you will ultimately have the desired outcome.

Individual results may vary and only you can be your biggest advocate. Go into the new year with concrete ideas about who you want to be, what you want to achieve and what you will do in order to create it? We believe in you and want to see your business and personal success soar in the new year.

If you have a great success story you’d like to share with InHouse, drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you and share with everyone what you are up to in 2017!

Misty Foster

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Tucson, Arizona

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