6 Things You Should Do to Be Found On Google

6 Things You Should Do to Be Found On Google

In 2016 it is very important for customers to easily be able to find a business’s information on Google. From my personal experience, I often look up restaurants and if I am unable to find their information I will often give up and go somewhere else. Is this a bit extreme? Maybe, but the point is that people looking for something online don’t have the patience and time to dig around looking for something as simple as a phone number or menu. If you want people to learn about your business online, they must be able to find you on Google. Here are 6 things you should do to be found on Google.

Registering Your Business with Google

If you don’t have a Google Business Page or if you have not certified your business on Google, now is just as good a time is any! Some of the most important things a Google Business Page should include are:

• Phone Number

• Correct Address

• Website Address

• Business Hours

• Days Opened


The first step in creating a business page is to log in to https://www.google.com/business/. After logging in, you will need to enter the name of your business, and the city, state, zip code, address, and country where your business is located. After you have created your page and made sure the business information is accurate, all you have to do is stay on top of reviews, know how people are finding out about your business online, and update your information any time something changes such as holiday hours, or a new web domain.

Google+ Profile

Having a Google + profile provides easy access to Google services such as YouTube, Blogger, and several other Google groups. In 2016 Google+ is not one of the most popular social networks, however, having a complete profile will help you establish legitimacy and increase your chances of being found on the first page of Google because it’s managed by, well… Google!

Have A Unique Website

In order for a website to be unique and offer a good experience for potential customers, you need to include original content on your website. In addition to that, it is crucial to create an easy to navigate website with interesting content that prevents customers from closing the tab after navigating for several minutes.

These are important things you consider when creating a website:

Valuable Content

Providing valuable content with proper use of keywords and headers is how you capture a reader’s attention. Headers should deliver a clear message that intrigues visitors to keep reading, and the supplemental content should help answer the visitors questions and establish you as an expert in on the subject. You can also provide value by including a call to action that encourages a desired response.

Visual Content

Plain text and long paragraphs can be time consuming and intimidating, but including visuals such as videos, pictures, diagrams, and sliders allows visitors to be introduced to a topic and determine if they would like to know more. Visual content is more engaging, and is more likely to prevent prospective customers from closing the tab to your website.


If your business is on social media, make sure to include links to your various profiles to make it easy for visitors to connect with you. Social_Links

Real Estate Profiles

Another way to be found on Google is to create profiles on the various real estate search sites. There are several of these websites that allow you to include your business and contact information as well as logos and head shots. Some of the websites are:

• Zillow

• Realtor.com

• Trulia

Having profiles with updated head shots and contact information is important to establishing your legitimacy to the people searching for you.



Creating a blog can be fun and easy. On your blog you should write about topics that help your readers by offering your advice and expertise. For example, this blog’s purpose is to help residential real estate agents and mortgage lenders promote their business online and connect with their clients. Writing a blog that can make people interested in your business will help you get found on Google because it puts unique, original content on your website.

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