3 Places You Need to Be Online as a Real Estate Agent

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Getting the word out about your business online can be intimidating and difficult, but it will pay off in the long run. Building your online presence is all about getting your name out there through channels such as social media, your own website, and other profiles. The more places you have a presence, the better your chances are at getting noticed by more clients. By doing this, you can reach different audiences to attract to your pages and profiles. Below are the 3 places you need be online as a real estate agent.

1. Your Own Website

Creating your own website is the best way to show who you are as an individual, and as a professional. You should have your contact information readily available, and your site should differentiate you from your competitors. Having your own website gives you a chance to showcase the services you provide and specialize in, as well as letting visitors see your accomplishments and credentials. Along with showing your personality, having a website with strong search functionality is a great value add to your current and potential clients.

2. Facebook

Facebook isn’t just a place for you to connect with old friends or to keep up to date with new ones. It’s also a place to make people aware of your business. There are 226 million people in the United States on Facebook. The best way to spread the word about your business on Facebook is to get others to “share” your posts, and click on links to your website. If you already have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, then you have a great opportunity to engage them and educate them on your local real estate markets.

3. Online Real Estate Profiles

Creating a profile on online real estate websites is essential! Websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and even your brokerage’s website are all ways to increase your online presence. These are also the common places where people start their home searches, and having an up-to-date profile helps increase your credibility with potential clients.
The three places mentioned above are listed because they get the most traffic, and best showcase your personality online. Having your own website offers visitors a more personalized experience and make clients feel more connected with you. Other online profiles serve a very similar purpose. They give clients a chance to get to know you before an in-person meeting. Though these are the essentials to your online presence as a real estate agent, you shouldn’t limit yourself to where you can be found online. There are plenty of websites where real estate agents promote their business and there are plenty of clients looking daily.

Good luck!

What online sources have you found to be helpful in growing your business? Let us know by commenting about it below!


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