Spring Into These Real Estate Open House Ideas

InHouse Spring Open House

The first day of Spring is only a couple of weeks away, making the coming months a fantastic time to hold open houses. Over the next couple of weeks you might be thinking about what you can do to bring a blooming Spring atmosphere to your open houses. Here are some ideas on how you can do that.

The Sights

A great way to create a warm and welcoming experience for open house visitors is to give them a multi-dimensional experience that incites the senses. Some ways you can do this is by opening up the blinds and curtains to let in natural light. This will not only make rooms appear larger and more spacious, it will also make visitors feel warmer and remind them that Spring is upon us.

The Sounds

You might also want to have some light music playing in various rooms throughout the house to fill the air with an upbeat ambiance. If you choose to play music during your open house, think about tying the genre of the music into the architectural style of the home. For example if you’re showing a Spanish style house think about playing some flamenco. If your listing was built in the 1920’s by all means go for some swingin’ jazz that makes visitors tap their toes. When playing music at your open house, make sure that the volume is low enough that you can still have a conversation at normal speaking volume.

The Tastes

It is also common to offer some food at an open house. This is another way you can tie in a home’s history, or the forthcoming Spring season. If you like bringing home made treats to your open house and want to try something for the season check out this recipe for parmesan kale chips.

One idea for including food into your open house is partnering with a popular nearby restaurant and getting one of their seasonal menu items catered. This is a great way to introduce open house visitors to the neighborhood and give them something tasty to eat.

The Goods

The more stuff you can give your open house guests the better. Some food and drink for them to snack on while they’re touring the home with you are great complements to the overall experience.

Don’t forget to have some marketing materials visitors can take with them. Home buyers that are interested in your listing are likely going to other open houses in the same day. Help them remember your listing by handing each visitor a flyer or booklet of neighborhood info. Nowadays many people in the market for a new home like to see a website for the listing so that they can easily browse through photos of the property.

If you have ideas for springtime open houses please share them in the comments below!

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