Don't Overthink Facebook

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Facebook has become a giant archive for peoples lives and memories, sharing them as posts, pictures, and videos. Along with that it is also a great place to interact with other people, businesses, and events. Would it surprise you to find out that according to Chron the average age of a Facebook user in the US is 40 years old, and that the typical home buyer according to is 44 years old.

If that isn’t impressive enough to make you want to use Facebook as a real estate professional, Mark Zuckerberg and company have tailored Facebook’s utility and easy to use interface for businesses ranging from doctors to corporations like Coca Cola, and even real estate agents.

Creating a business page isn’t difficult, but what can make Facebook so daunting is that like most things--you get more out of it by putting more time into it. Unfortunately, time is already limited and you probably don’t have “free time” labeled in your calendar.

With that said, the beautiful thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t require extensive training or hours upon hours a week to make it benefit your business.

What do you want out of Facebook?

After creating your Facebook business page the first thing you need to figure out are your Facebook goals. Ask yourself “what do I want Facebook to do for me?” I’ll bet your answer will be something about getting leads.

Most agents say the best leads are referrals from their clients or their network. Disclaimer: Facebook won’t help leads magically appear. However it will help you stay top of mind with the people who matter most--your sphere of influence.

Facebook allows you to interact with your network of clients both publicly and in private messages. You are able to share real estate advice, community information, and keep them up to date with your business.

Why you need to be on Facebook?

In today’s day and age it is common to research local businesses online by checking out their website and their Facebook page before contacting them. Think of this as a do-it-yourself background check.

This means that you need to be on Facebook, especially when you’re in real estate. Making a strong first impression online helps your brand look more official to the modern home-buyer or seller.

Having a Facebook page is also a huge convenience to your potential, current, and past clients as it serves as an easy method of communication. Quickly responding to their messages and comments will show visitors to your page that you care about servicing them.

"Making a strong first impression online helps your brand look more official to the modern homebuyer or home seller."

How to Facebook yourself apart

Your Facebook page can work for you and get you more business in only 20 minutes a week.

Start with the basics. Fill out your ‘About You’ section, upload an updated head shot as your profile picture, make sure your logo is on your cover photo, and ensure that you have a link to your website along with your additional contact information.

Join Facebook Groups for real estate professionals, and also Groups based in your community. Check these Groups once a day or however much is manageable. A great way to grow your network is asking a question in a Group or answering a question someone else posts.

The fun and educational part of having a Facebook business page is taking 10 minutes every other day or even once a week to look for real estate related advice or interesting community news that your followers might find useful. Posting these articles to your page demonstrates your knowledge of your community and willingness to help people with buying and selling their homes. There is no need to overdo it though, one post per week is a good place to start.

If you want to let your personality shine through your Facebook page a bit more take a few minutes each week to write about your experiences as a real estate agent. You can write anything from funny stories to the experiences that make you love your career. Facebook is also a great place to showcase sold listings or tell people about an open house. You can also turn these posts into targeted advertisements reaching hundreds of people for as little as $1 a day (we’ll talk more about that in the weeks to come).

If you really want to see results with Facebook you have to commit to making it a part of your business. Send out an email to your clients with a link to your Facebook page asking them to ‘Like’ it. Do the same after you have successfully closed a transaction and even see if they wouldn’t mind leaving a short review. Facebook has the potential to be a hub for your business, and it’s a great way to interact with your sphere of influence.