Why Print Marketing Benefits Your Business


In 2016 print marketing is often thought of as an expensive and outdated method of getting in front of new leads. Although I don't recommend blanketing zip codes with cheesy postcards and recipes, print can still be a great channel to promote your business.

Take open houses for example. Thousands of real estate professionals host them every weekend in an effort to show a home they’re working to sell and meet new people in hopes of turning them into leads or clients.

Many agents bring their laptop or tablet to the open house to show visitors they’re in with new technology (or that they’re going green). Whatever their reason, it still doesn’t show off the home as well as the old fashioned printed flyer.

You might contest this claim of mine but note: I’m not saying that print flyers are better at getting everyone more business. Print flyers and brochures if done well, can benefit you and your business.

It Shows You Run a High-Quality, Professional Business

When you go into a car dealership it doesn’t matter if you’re at Honda or Mercedes-Benz, you receive a professionally printed booklet of the car you’re interested in. Doing the same for your real estate business tells your clients that you conduct your business the same way regardless of the commission you make at the end of the deal.

A professionally designed flyer with crisp photos and great written content shows clients that you care about your professional image. I have thought more highly of agents who have given me professionally designed and printed flyers at an open house than those who have handed me printouts from MLS.

Your Print Adds Value

As a salesperson in the 21st century, your purpose is to help the people you’re selling to. The best way to help people is to offer something of value to them. A professionally designed, high quality printout of a home you’re working with is exactly that.

If you’re doing a presentation for prospective clients, you can show them a branded listing booklet displaying how you’re going to help them find or sell a house. Or if you’re holding an open house, giving out a flyer for your visitors to take home is a tangible way for them to recall the information you gave them at the showing. Sending an e-flyer to their email can easily get lost in their inbox.

Print Makes You Stand Out

I recently went to an open house and the agent made a positive impression on me because of her open house flyer. It was designed well, it was on heavy paper, and it featured her custom brand- giving her a stamp of individuality.

It's difficult to stand out nowadays due to so many real estate agents promoting their business on Facebook and attempting to drive traffic to their website. These digital marketing mediums are so popular that a number of agents in your market may not be using print as much in their marketing strategy. Sticking with quality print marketing could be a unique way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Print Makes You Memorable

Print marketing has one big advantage- it's memorable. People feel an emotional connection to a well-designed print piece. It's common to hold on to a quality print for some time after you've acquired it.

Sure you can carry an e-flyer on a mobile device, but disposal of that electronic marketing material is as easy as clicking ‘X’ on the top of the screen. You can’t do that with print marketing- and people won’t want to throw it away if it has beautiful pictures and imagery!

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