Hello, We're InHouse

A real estate software company from sunny Tucson, AZ. We create modern, easy to use marketing tools for real estate professionals. We've just released our first application. A simple but powerful app that uses MLS data to instantly craft a collection of beautiful print & digital marketing materials for real estate listings.

As young professionals in this industry we often hear the question:

"Why Real Estate...?!"

We get it... it's not "sexy"... or "trendy"... and... it's tough. Right?

We've all worked in the industry as assistants, marketing consultants, and web developers. Through our work, we've gotten a glimpse of many of the problems agents experience.

We've shared many moments of frustration. We've dealt with outdated and clunky systems and software. We've helped agents navigate through many of the "underwhelming" software "solutions" that over-promise and under-deliver. We knew there had to be a better and easier way to do things. So we started thinking of ways to improve the tools we were working with.

We started developing an in-house solution [get it ;)] that would allow our clients to take more control over their marketing and branding. At the expense of our nights and weekends, and enough coffee and tea to open up a Starbucks—InHouse was born.

Spending all day and night in front of computers coding and designing seems a bit nerdy, but it’s how we express ourselves. As a team we take great pride in our ability to build technology solutions that are simple in design yet comprehensive in functionality. Our main objective with everything we build is to make simple solutions that offer a wide range of capabilities.

"As a team we take great pride in our ability to build technology solutions that are simple in design yet comprehensive in functionality."

Now that you know who we are, you might be wondering why we started our blog 'Inside InHouse'?

We’re a social bunch of real estate professionals, developers, and creative tinkerers who love to learn and ask questions. For every bit we post about real estate tech, trends, and new features to our marketing platform, we want to know what you think. If you’ve found something that works for your business and you want to tell more people about it—share it with us! We’d love to hear about it and help you spread the word. Our goal is to make our blog an online community where you come to find relevant, informative, and awesome information that sparks your curiosity and compels you to be a part of the conversation.

Our content creators will vary depending on the subject matter of the blog post. Our company’s founders and the rest of the team will let you know what’s going on here at InHouse, and tell you about some of the most popular real estate and marketing trends. But most importantly for you, our marketing and sales departments will offer advice for real estate professionals and marketers. You can also expect guest writers from our favorite marketing, real estate, and tech companies to contribute.

We’re always open to suggestions on how to make Inside InHouse a better source of information. We invite you to introduce yourself and become part of the conversation today by subscribing.

If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover or you want to leave a comment, write us at ideas@getinhouse.io.

It’s been nice meeting you, we’ll talk to you soon!

The InHouse Team


[From L-R]: Emerson Budd, Cooper Kowalski, Blue (our mascot), Luis Palomares, Josh Gill, Dan Goers, Mat Friedman

Mat Friedman

Representing InHouse in NYC! I'm a co-founder, content creator, general people person, and part time office DJ. I love listening to others' ideas and sharing my own when I feel so compelled.

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